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Research & Development(R&D) is a valuable tool for growing and improving our business. R&D involves in researching our market & customer needs and improving the product and services to fit customer needs. Our R&D strives to make a research on the strategies that can lead to a new innovation , increased productivity and can boost our business competitive advantage.

Product design is one of the integral functions in our R&D division. We are also capable of in-house designing , styling & CAE analysis to support our customer development stage. At the same time, we offer our expertise and experienceon the related parts hoping that we could contribute innovation to our customers.

Bezel shifting hole At 2 Newmyvi
Bezel shifting hole At 3 Newmyvi
Bezel shifting hole At 4 Newmyvi
Bezel shifting hole At Newmyvi
Bezza package tray clean
Bezza package tray line
Bezza package tray
Neo ip
Neo ip1
Neo ip2
Neo ip3
Neo ip5
Newmyvi Console assy front
Newmyvi Console assy front1
Newmyvi Console assy rear
Newmyvi Console assy rear1
Newmyvi Console assy top
Panel perdana


Quality is fundamental aspect of our operation. To compete at global level, we have been certified with the Quality System ISO/TS16989 since year 2004. We provide our customers with high quality products by implementing “Customer Oriented Process” and “Continuous Improvement of Product Quality” embedded in ISO/TS 16949. This is also aligned with Global Automotive Requirement and to ensure we are placed strategically among the best in the region.

Every employee plays an important role in achieving optimum quality at their respective work stations. We have equipped ourselves with the right tools to measure product quality.